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So you want to dive head-first into your very own adventure. This is the place to start! Sign up here and we'll give you all the info you'll need. Please leave a comment below answering the following questions:

* If in your "about me" blurb there are many images (2+) or you want specific coding,
please include everything in a textarea box
* If you post in a multimaker community, please link to your specific tag.

After signing up, a profile (like this one) will be created for you at iq_thecastle, and will be used to store all your quest-related information. Please track you profile post, it will be used by the mod to communicate with you as needed.

Don't know where to go now? Things you can do:
- Pimp the community, for two points each pimp!
- Chapter one: Challenge - Sidequest one - Sidequest two
- Sign-up for a Guild (team/group), and check their respective headquarters if you're already in one. (Guild assignment will be random and/or chosen by the mod according to number of participants)
- Meet and greet or read the updates at the social comm: iq_thefair
- Participate in battles at iq_coliseum. You can either set up one previously with a friend or asking for an opponent
- Check ou shops (or set up one of your own) at iq_marketplace

You can begin entering quests as soon as you sign up, even if your player profile has not been set up yet.
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