September 1st, 2012

The Icon Quest

Chapter Three ~ Sidequest

Change comes, but not always in an obvious way. Sometimes it sneaks up on you, slowly, until it's unmistakably there and you've barely even noticed.

For this challenge you'll make a gradation, but with icons. Two icons with two predominant colors (i.e. red/blue), or different tones of the same color (i.e. pastel yellow/vibrant yellow), will be on each end of your set. The icons in the middle will make a soft gradation from the color in one end to color in the other. You can make each icon with a predominant color, slice your icons with different colors on each half and pass the colors on to the next, or something else you think of (be creative!).

Each gradient set must have a minimum of 5 (five) icons. Use no more than three colors in the same set (no rainbows this time!)

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