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Chapter Two ~ Main Quest

During their quest, the adventurer might receive aid from many sources. Mentors are more knowledgeable, experienced people who help and inspire their work, coming to the rescue or giving a word of advice on difficult times.

Find mentoring figures within your favorite movies, shows, books or any other media, and icon them. Your points will go to whichever class you choose.

Your own growth as an icon maker might have been inspired by others. Choose icons you find amazing and use them as inspiration for this challenge. You must show the original icon and your result. No examples this time, since it's up to you to round up icons you find inspiring. The element you drew inspiration from in the icon will define the point allotment. [?]If the coloring inspired you, you earn Power, if it was the composition/texture use, you earn Magic, if it was the textwork, you earn Charm, and if it was cropping or simplicity, you earn Agility.

Find up to 5 (five) makers who helped you in any way, directly or through inspiration in their icons, those makers who you look up to. Those makers whose work you love. Draw inspiration from their style or entire body of work (no specific icons). No examples: the only person who can say what's inspiring to you is yourself. For points allotment, you'll need to fit the general style of your chosen makers into one of our classes, and those will be the classes in which you'll receive points.
YOU CANNOT MIX CHALLENGES. You must choose only one level (easy, medium or hard) for each time you enter. [?]

EASY: 2pts/icon
» MIN: 10 icons → 20 pts
» MAX: 20 icons → 40 pts
MEDIUM: 4pts/icon
» MIN: 10 icons → 40 pts
» MAX: 20 icons → 80 pts
HARD: 5pts/icon
» MIN: 10 icons → 50 pts
» MAX: 20 icons → 100 pts

» This challenge DOES NOT close.
» You can complete this challenge up to 5 times for points.
» Reply to this post with your results or linking to a post containing them.
» If you enter the Medium/Hard levels, you'll need to show the icons and makers you chose as inspiration, either in your comment or on your post. The "amount" of inspiration won't be judged, but we need to make sure you had one.
» Fill out the form to allot your points properly. (Ex1, Ex2)

* It is a fantasy themed quest, but you are not restricted to only fantasy themed shows, movies, etc.
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