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Chapter Five ~ Main Quest

Whichever is the path chosen, every hero has their tools. Says the legend, however, the sword chooses its owner, and not the other way around. Knowing how to pick your weapons is a hard earned skill, yes. And so is learning to make the best of what's given to you. Might be a burden, might be the best gift you've ever got. Sword or dagger, staff or flute, learn how to wield your weapon, adventurer, and your path to glory will follow suit.


To participate in this challenge, you'll leave a comment below, and will receive through PM (or other mean you might choose) a link to a randomly chosen .zip containing the tools you MUST use in your icons. Textures, fonts, songs, inspiration must somehow be represented in all of your icons. In at least half (50%) of your icons the usage of items must be explicit, obvious, and clearly visible.

» 3pts/icon
» MIN: 10 icons → 30 pts
» MAX: 25 icons → 75 pts

» This challenge DOES NOT close.
» You can complete this challenge up to 5 times for points.
» Every time you enter the challenge you'll be given a new gift bag. You can skip a turn and ask for a new bag, leaving you with a choice between two bags. With two in your hands, you cannot ask for more. Once you complete one of the two, keeping the other, you can ask for a new bag, and once more you can choose between both. You can only receive up to 5 bags total.
» You won't be given the same bag twice.
» If the specific contents of any bag are disclosed anywhere, the bag will be taken down and all future submissions based on it will be disqualified. This questmaster has no means or intent to track all of your comments in all possible places, so I'll need to count on your honour. Keep it a secret to keep it fun, please :{)
» Reply to this post with your results or linking to a post containing them.
» Fill out the form to allot your points properly. (Ex1, Ex2)

* It is a fantasy themed quest, but you are not restricted to only fantasy themed shows, movies, etc.

The Icon Quest is looking for helpers! If you're interested, please leave a comment here. The chosen Apprentices will be contacted soon. :{)
Tags: chapter: five, first chronicle, main quest, ~challenge
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